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The languages' thread

Post here the language(s) you:
-are trying to learn.
-tried to learn but was too difficult (or didn't had time for, were too shy for classes, or other reason).
-think it's the most interesting or beautiful.
-thinking it's the most horrible or difficult.

  1. Why did you learned (or tried to) a second language? Was it too difficult?
  2. Why are you trying to learn another language?
  3. Are you using an app, course or method for learning?
  4. When in school were you ever obligated to learn another language? How was it?
  5. Tips for learning another language.
  6. Are you seeking for people to practice with? (the targeted language). How would you like to do such kind of interchanges? (if so).
  7. Whatever you want to add to this
I know, too many questions, you can reply one, all, a combination or, of course, neither of those question.

Lets talk. This isn't the think in another language thread, however posting in other languages is allowed for the sake of the discussion, like explaining things that you found confusing, cute, complicated etc... *about such language (well, if mods agreed? lol ).

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