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Originally Posted by Paul View Post
Congrats on being able to make so many friends! That's a rare gift.

There are many possible explanations for your problem, and nobody on a forum can guess which is the case for you. Fortunately, you have friends -- and those are the people who can help you identify the problem(s) and how to fix it. Ask a few of them (preferably married ones so it doesn't seem like you're expecting something from her) what they've observed and can suggest. But keep an open mind and realize that the preferences of one or a few women aren't necessarily representative of all, and that you don't need to attract most women (just one, really well).

I may have made it out to be better than it is. While I have made more friends over the years, most of whom are males. Those 7 or so female friends, of which only about 3 of whom I am attracted to, are mostly friends via facebook. I don't really talk to them outside of there much. That said, I thank you for your advise and will definitely try it out. Hopefully I don't chicken out.

"You're going to fail a lot. Sometimes you'll fail over and over again, but you have to keep trying every time. You can't give up just because there is a chance that you might fail." - Dante Basco
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