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I've been on Wellbutrin SR 100mg twice a day and gabapentin (worked my way up to 800mg 3 times a day) for the past year. A few months ago I was prescribed lorazepam 0.5mg once a day as needed which worked well in the beginning but now it just makes me sleepy or doesn't do much at all and even if I take it at 8am when I got to sleep at 10pm I sleep waaayy too hard. I'm no stranger to benzos, I'd prefer Xanax because it works better for me but I feel like I was lucky to even get the Ativan so I'm kind of scared to even ask my dr for a change on benzos. Especially since I go to my county behavioral health department because I'm uninsured and my dr said his bosses don't really like for them to prescribe them. Ooookay, now after a little background on my meds time to get to my issue with Lexapro. I had high hopes for it, I was really depressed and the Wellbutrin helped along with removing myself from a really bad situation. I've had the time to analyze how my anxiety is most likely the cause, or contributor, to my major depression because I have had anxiety all my life, clinical depression only became an issue within the past 4-5 years. I'm 24. Anyway, I asked for the Lexapro because my anxiety was higher than normal so my dr gave me the choice of 5mg or 10mg twice a day. I chose the 5mg because I get nervous about starting new meds cause I hate to get my brain chemistry out of wack when its even partially stable. I noticed just barely the first two days I took it that I was clenching my jaw subconsciously throughout the day and while I was sleeping. I felt ok for the first two days, but then I noticed my anxiety was even worse than it had become before I started taking the Lexapro. I was starting to become panic-y and couldn't control myself I was so tense and felt like crying. By day 5 I was in tear and looking back I can't even describe how I was feeling, all I know is I was miserable and I hadn't felt that type of anxiety since I was 14 and going through tramatic events. I talked to my mom who advised me to stop taking it because it was the weekend and I couldn't get in touch with my dr or the nurse. I stopped taking it Saturday technically and my anxiety improved slightly by Monday but I still had so much anxiety I still wouldn't call my dr.s nurse to tell them about my symptoms. My question is...what does this indicate about my brain chemistry? My Wellbutrin has started to numb me more than usual, and I'm not depressed, it gives me energy, but when I'm happy, I still feel like I'm missing something, like actually feeling feelings if that makes sense lol. I'm wanting to find something else to take that will help with anxiety and motivation/concentration and focus. My dr isn't a whole lot of help, although I'm greatful for him because he listens to my suggestions and will prescribe things I ask for that I say I think might help. Like I said I don't have insurance and pay out of pocket for my meds so its not easy for me to just pay for anything. If I had insurance Id definitely get lyrica because my gabapentin is the only consistent med I take that works for me, but my dr wont up it because he has capped out at the dose for psychiatric use. Lyrica is SOOOO expensive though. What do?? rabbling now...
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