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Originally Posted by mwake View Post
Hi, glad I found this thread, I started taking this for 5 days I bought a 100mg bottle. I took for 2 days but got some side effects in this time including:

Dry Mouth



jittery feeling.

Metallic/Chemical feeling in the mouth

Ok so I reduced to 50mg and this has lessened the side effects described above, however, I still a weird feeling of lightness, the best way to describe it is like feeling like a balloon. Like I'm not grounded.

But despite all that I definitely can feel the uplift of the mood. I'm am only 4 days in so I'm going to give it 2 weeks maximum to see if the side effects lessen more. I booked an appointment with the Naturopath so I will ask her what she thinks about 5htp.

Also, I'm hearing some people talk about pairing 5HTP with L-tyrosine. Whats the deal with this?


I am taking 200 mg of 5 - HTP dont have any side effects and im in week 2.
Also with it i am taking b complex, magnesium and fish oil. Def feel uplift and confidence is coming back.

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