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Originally Posted by The Quicktion View Post
Hi, part of my journey to become a new and better me, i got someone to go on a date with and i had a nice time. I won't over analyze it in the slightest and will rather go on my instincts, i enjoyed myself and i am proud of myself for having stepped out into the world and having faced my fears, and having a nice time. No matter what happens, i'm proud and grateful that this happened because it's a developmental step in my journey and i take nothing but positives.

The girl was mellow and nice to talk to and she even let me drive her home nearby. I take it as a positive that she could decide not to go out with me again and i would not be bummed out at all really because i take that as a sign of maturity from my part. As she left my car she said that we could go on another date if i liked so that's nice.

It's definitely possible folks, good luck out there
Man, you're making strides, I hope some of the guys at a crossroads here will look at you as inspiration.

Keep it up.

A lack of achievement doesn't necessarily indicate a lack of ability. A lack of ability doesn't necessarily indicate a lack of potential. - LonelyLurker
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