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me interview part one

in a room full o' real people, not a callcenter agent! boss & minions
backygroundy check. part 2 back 2morrow 10am

wheeled job I'll like

didn't like fiddling with miniature baby tiny fone gadget for web browse touchiness, slowiness...

boss photo'd me passport using me fone... still all adults in a doll's house fantasy... barbie Cindy... toys! screen postage stamp size!

I want 30" monitors x3 on my desk, full keyboard & mouse. I didn't just pop outta da womb! I got eyes bigger than an ant's or praying mantis.
home to use upload utility bill images process link. all stored with disk, from emails. progress. jammed up. gracious 'wait for next bit' ~~~~NULL

so this a reject? why waste time?
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