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I am currently quitting paxil. I was taking 40mg, i then dropped to 30mg, waited a month and then drooped to 20mg, waited for three weeks and now i am on 10mg. I have been taking paxil for 14 months. During this period I made huge progress and I am now almost free of social anxiety. I am just a little shy in some situations, but nothing dramatic, it will probably fade over time.

Until now, I haven't notice any change caused by the tapering process, I am not going back to where I was before I started paxil. Of course it could mean that paxil had only a placebo effect but if it is the case I don't care, the means don't matter
Has it been permanent?
Nah. It did come back very slowly, I did not notice until I crashed badly. It took me one year to find an effective combo. I habe try so many meds, even maois... Now I take sertraline 150mg, lamictal 75mg (I have to reach 150mg) and occasionaly pregabalin. Basically, adding Pregabalin 600 mg to the mix allow me to be 80%SA free for an entire day. But there are downsides: it only works for a couple of days and then I have to wait a week before I can take it again. Also it make me forgetful and reduce my cognitive abilities.

And since I started zoloft I have seizures... Hope the lamictal will help with that.

But overall I m good. That's why I don t come here much any more. cheers !
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