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Originally Posted by Infamoose View Post
Are those from a Canadian licensed producer?

I got my CBD from Mettrum which is now part of Canopy/Tweed. The oil was 20% CBD. I never tried high cbd strains before but I assume it works the same as thc where you feel the effects right away after inhaling it as oppose to having to wait an hour after ingesting it through oils/capsules/edibles. I would probably prefer strains as long as I have a discrete vaporizer with me at all times. Plus it's way cheaper.
I got my medical script from Natural Health Services & those are from my licensed producer Organigram. They only just released high CBD/low THC bud in recent months so I've ordered some to try out for vaporizing. I agree it's way cheaper for bud than oils too. They had an oil I tried previously that had a decent amount of CBD & just release a pretty much pure CBD oil but I want to be able to vaporize for every day tasks & save oils for inflammation in my knee or back pains & sleep issues. I'm looking forward to getting my second LP from the NHS so I have more options for oils as well. I want the west coast LP Emerald Health which seems to have a great selection of oils, plus I want a supplier on either side of the country for comparison too. Organigram is great though if you've got the option for another LP, they rang me twice to ask if I had questions, offer 25% off if you meet the requirements, & sent me a welcome pack with my first order that had a cookbook with a full range of edible meal/snack recipes. In general I do prefer edibles(oils or otherwise) because of my asthma these days but given my issues quick effect vaporizing is practical so fingers crossed for my first experiment with them.

If you want to chat about it feel free to message me any time. I'll let you know how my first run is going for sure
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