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Originally Posted by Steve French View Post
It sounds quite promising, but I have to wonder. Cannabis has mostly caused me anxiety in the past few years rather than relieving it. Of course, in those instances I was smoking whatever I could get from a dealer, which was usually very strong stuff and not at all what anybody would be looking for for a tame, anxiolytic high. I have heard good anecdotal reports on CBD and I am interested in trying it, but remain skeptical. For one, a decent amount locally I have found is quite expensive, i.e. around $50 for a dose that would last five days in the form of oil. Two, not very well controlled around here at least, the extracts and strains you are getting are not well tested and vetted. Three, I find that pro-cannabis people have this habit of announcing the drug and it's constituents as some sort of panacea, exaggerating things and often outright lying or being dishonest. Maybe I'm a bit disillusioned after being around that sort of thing for years.

Still going to give it a go though. I actually went on a good trip to get some the other day. See, we have all these dispensary's these days and most don't even require an actual medical card, just a note from a doctor and some nothing at all. I went on a long walk through the downtown eastside and all the bums and crime and found the one I was looking for, an hour or two later, and what do you know, cash only. Fer ****s sake.

I guess that added nothing to the discussion and didn't answer the question. I might have fried my brain back in the day.

You most likely suffered the anxiety because of the high THC content. You want a quality oil that has been 3rd part tested and verified to be 100% pure. There are a lot of different CBD companies to consider. But when making your decision consider if the oil is full spectrum, domestically grown and manufactured and organic which using the WHOLE plant and not just the stall like most CBD Oil providers. Our oil is manufactured in a FDA compliant facility as well. 100% legal in all states itís a great alternative to benzodiazepines and other pharmaceuticals that are pushed on us by doctors.
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