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Originally Posted by Mayathebee View Post
Today at the bus station, there was a person giving out leaflets for this dancing class. I honestly don't know what possessed me, but I went there... Only to find out that the kind of dance we would be taught was argentine tango! At first I thought "what a potato like me can do here?". Seriously though I trip on flat ground. Anyway we had to hug each other and stuff like that in order to dance the right way. I was horrified at first! I would have to touch other people and talk to them! But I didn't give up and stayed through the whole lesson. It was totally worth it. It did miracles to my posture even from the first lesson and it's going to help me to get rid of my fear of touching others. I even found out that there were others who were as freaked out as I was, so I decided to learn tango. :-)
Sometimes we need to force ourselves to do stuff that we wouldnīt do otherwise. Itīs really easy to continue doing what we have always done, staying in that comfort zone.

I myself have not severe SA and are able to function kind of normal, but I do struggle with basic stuff on regular basis. But it has gotten better over the years, but I wouldnīt be where Iīam if I never would have forced myself.

Iīm actually thinking of taking dance classes myself, next time I get abroad. I donīt dance at all, just when Iīm drunk : ] But I would really like to be able to express myself by dancing since I like listening to music that just makes me wanna dance :P
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