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I don't have much in common with anyone. I cannot sustain a 10 min conversation, so hanging around for hours feels impossible to me. Also whenever I am somewhere where I don't want to be I get angry. I feel like socializing is a good thing, but I lack the actual need for it. I just have an image of a person that needs to hang out with someone at least once a week or they go crazy and I want to imitate this. I don't have this need, but I think that I should have it, like it is the way to go. I feel if I won't do something now I will stay separated from everyone else forever. On the other hand I have to fight with who I am.
Often you can find people who are shy, but would like to have someone. They just can't make first move because of their shyness. I'm not like that. I don't have a problem approaching people, starting conversations, arranging meetings. The thing is that I have nothing to say to anyone. I can talk about topics that I prepared beforehand, but I just can never truly connect with anyone. So eating dinner with my coworkers is necessary evil, but when they invite me somewhere, it is a whole another level. It feels to me like my work takes my life away, because of events like that.
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