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I will be volunteering, working for a week, for the first time in years in just over a month.

I'm worried about being physically exhausted by the work more than anxiety actually, and having to come back here to the same old **** again, come back down to earth, when it's over.

I'll be working on the largest tidal reed bed in England, probably getting rid of old reeds in boggy as hell land, so it'll be hard graft, even harder if the weathers ****, and living in a house a mile away. I could have the whole house to myself, or be with two other people there.

I like the outdoors, but doing things at my own pace, and this is sort of like a working holiday, working for the RSPB, and I'm also worried that I just wont enjoy it, because when things I enjoy become work, and I can't do it at my own pace, I become stressed and lose interest.

I guess I'll just have to go at my own pace though. I aint getting paid, although they are giving me accommodation, and they'll have to tell me to piss off and get someone younger in to do the work. lol

They are over subscribed though, so there'll be plenty of young students etc they can bring in to break there backs, or just find it piss easy actually lol.
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