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Zoloft problems

My daughter is 18 years old! She suffers with social anxiety. Doc put her on 25mg zoloft and after 2 weeks upped her to 50mg. At 50mg she was a bit of a zombie for a couple days then seemed to adjust. She looked to me like she was feeling better and started a new job even!
But still felt she had some anxiety! So the doc upped her to 75mg!

Now on 75mg she has gone into a deep depression. Shes been on it for about a week. I had to call 911 because she had a complete meltdown at home! She is moping around the house and does not want to go to school and has no motivation!

Says stuff like whats the point of life etc.. and has expressed suicidal thought. She did say she would not harm herself and she does want help!

We see a psychiatrist for first time in a few days.

I really hate her on this medication and i think she moved up too fast to 75mg without fully seeing how the 50 would work.

I am thinking of dropping her down to 50 from 75 because she cant continue like this! She has 3 days to paychiatrist and dont know what to do! Should we just go down to 50 tonighy)t for next few days and then let psychiatrist deal wity it from there ?
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