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Originally Posted by SFC01 View Post
Well at 500mg, the effects of phenibut will be so subtle you may miss them, I would try at least a gram and see how that goes. I need at least 2 grams to notice anything on phenibut when I do use it. I have also taken 4 grams per day for 3 days or so, with no ill effect or withdrawals.

Noticed anything re the noopept? I have been experimenting with nootropics this last month or so, with pramiracetam and phenylpiracetam, both work quite well, especially phenylpiracetam.

*Edit, just noticed you are female and I am a largish male so naturally I would probably get away with taking 4 grams or. Still, I dont think 1gram, maybe 1.5 is a huge dose for a female of whatever size.
What time do you take it? When do you notice it kicking in?

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