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Hey man, I tried Kratom and for me it works. It is not as strong as benzodiazepines, but gives you feeling of relaxation and at the same time optimism, which no other herb/medicine gives you, from what I tried.

This is good because it relaxes you but at the same time makes you more charismatic, I notice people are more drawn to me while I am under influence, and I myself become more talkative and emphatic.

Now, the thing with Kratom is having the right breed, and right quantity.

For me, the only 2 breeds that worked are:

Maeng Da
Malay Premium

I usually take 1.5 tsp on empty stomach along with coffee and milk (masks the flavour). If after one hour I'm not relaxed enough, I take 0.5 tsp more.

If you take huge doses of Kratom without tolerance (i.e. 10-20g as some people have been talking), you will end up nauseous, vomiting, or fall asleep. Or all 3.

Strart low, and experiment.

Also, keep in mind it has tolerance and withdrawal. Treat it like any other drug.
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