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No it doesn't get better with age

Lurked here off and on, first time joining and posting.

I'm a 37 year-old male, suffered with terrible social awkwardness throughout my life. I moved to Paris several years ago from Canada. I knew nobody here and was hoping the change in city and people would force me to "get out there" and overcome my anxieties. Nope, it's worse than ever.

Every so often, there's a bar I go to where I like the music. I go maybe every 6-8 weeks for a drink or two when I'm free on Saturday (which, being the mostly-friendless SA sufferer that I am, is most of the time). I went last night and a couple guys struck up a conversation and one of them mentioned that he's noticed me there before and that I'm "always alone". To say I was mortified was an understatement and I hastily made for the exit. I won't ever be going back.

I felt like crying - not only am I alone but I STILL have to be tormented for it, even when pushing 40. Now I'm just very depressed; always seems that any momentary happiness that occurs in my life is beaten back as soon as it appears. One step forward, three steps back.

My bad news to the younger members of this forum : no it doesn't get better. I used to think/hope it would. But it really doesn't, and there's even less tolerance for social awkwardness once you reach an age at which you're "supposed to" have learned the ways of the world.

Life sucks.

**Note to moderators : I accidentally posted this in "First Steps". My apologies and please remove the duplicate there.**
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