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I've taken a baby step in social interaction

Yesterday was the only day where I had the courage to finally talk to one of my classmates. I guess I did it because for the entire week we would have no classes whatsoever due to multiple holidays compressed into one week, and I wouldn't have to see their faces for another five days. Anyway, for the whole afternoon me and my other classmates who are in the props committee were making props outside the classroom. I didn't talk much, and even got refused by my classmate when I asked her to accompany me (so much for trying too hard not to look like a loner...). A few fours later, an acquaintance of mine passed by our classroom. She and I talked for awhile. Then she asked me to join her in walking around the school. By this time the props committee weren't doing anything, the others were inside talking with their friends, while the others just sat outside. I agreed. We occasionally bumped into some of our other friends, and it was during this time that I confessed that I never walked around the school during class hours. She laughed and said I should spend my last year in high school enjoying and trying out new things. Then I went back to my classroom because her other friend came to talk to her and I didn't want to be a third-wheel there.
A few more minutes before dismissal, this girl and I were the last ones outside cleaning up. Maybe because it was of the fact that I finally had a normal conversation with a friend, or something else, that my confidence slightly went up and decided to go and initiate small talk. I asked her what class she was in before, then she asked me how I got acquainted with my friend (the one I walked around school with), and it went on for about another more minute until we were done with cleaning and went back inside. Thus ended our small talk.
It sounds petty to think that this was a victory in terms of SA, but for me it truly is. School started since a month ago and I still have no friends inside my class, but as of right now all I could think about was how happy it made me feel when I finally had the courage to talk to someone I'm not close to.

Thanks in advance for anyone who felt the need to read this little triumph of mine.

"It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important."
-Arthur Conan Doyle
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