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My late night walk to the supermarket wasn't that successful. Couldn't decide on what ice cream to get. Nothing looked terribly appealing and the Stella Artois cider was overpriced, so I didn't get any sweets nor booze.

But I pet a kitty. Very friendly small kitty. Probably female. Looked to be in good condition (obviously someone is feeding it) but odd that it was walking around near such a huge street with no collar on. Near the intersection of a small residential street and a huge loud street. Super sweet and friendly. Kept rubbing against my legs and my backpack. Enjoyed being pet.

Also saw the orange tabby that meows back at me as I pass by his 1st/2nd story balcony. Very talkative kitty. This was the first time I saw him walking on the edges of the balcony. Was even more beautiful than I thought. Big and quite chubby.
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