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Type a positive letter to yourself

*Inspired by compliment the person above you and compliment yourself*

Hi everyone, and welcome to my thread, in this thread, try to type the most positive letter you can to yourself, it can be complimentary, encouraging, or anything that is upbeat. I feel like sometimes listening to our own positive words can be a great coping skill to alleviate some anxiety, I know for sure it has worked with some of my OCD, I'll go ahead and type my letter.

Dear FriendlyViking, you've got to learn to stop overthinking, you are such a kind person, everyone says you are, you don't need to keep yourself in a stream of guilt because of a few mistakes you made as a young kid. Dream big, and make your life a life worth living, I hope you have a wonderful life, and remember, never beat yourself up over things.

So that was my letter, it's around a paragraph long, and it was made of positive words I had cooped up in my brain, when I wrote the letter, it let them spring out and form sentences and made me realize that there's a part of me that isn't in constant self doubt. I hope you have a great day!
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