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I went to a job interview yesterday. And even though I was the first to arrive, there were like 4 other people who came after me. They said they were going to choose one of us and they didn't call me back, so I guess it wasn't me.

I've had 4 jobs this year. I quit the first job because the pay was so meager I couldn't even afford my own food. The second job had a better salary, but the other employees used to bully and harass me, so I had to quit. The third job also had a nice salary, but it was in an unsafe area. I was robbed at gun point after I left for home one night. I quit because I didn't want it to happen again... And the last job didn't have a nice salary, but I was happy and it was just me and the owner of a store. But the sales have been so low he had to get rid of me.

I can't believe how other people manage to have a nice job for years. Maybe I'm not one of the lucky ones. I'm poor, single, mentally ill, socially ackward. I don't think I'm going to have a long life span. The sooner I'm gone, the better, I guess.

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Hey welcome back! :
Thank you. I'm glad this place is still full of people! We're all like a big family.

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Welcome back.

Sorry to hear about the job.

Might be mattress and pillow related? Maybe a air mattress and a good buckwheat pillow might help?

It might indicate picking the wrong job that you are not happy with which can affect performance in a job. Try looking at how to "find your niche" (guides out there on the internet) to better match yourself to a job you love, find easy to do.

Awww, sorry to hear about the guys issue.

You might be just sick of city life and need a break / change? Maybe a camping trip (or just get away for a day or so from where you are, where it's quite, peaceful) to reflect and find your life purpose might help?
Hi ANX1! I don't think my mattress or pillow have anything to do with my pains because they are gone when I wake up. They reappear in the afternoon, so maybe they're just anxiety/depression related aches.

Thanks for the advice. I'll try it.

Yes, I'm sick of city life, but I tried moving to the place where my mother's family lives. It's a small town by the sea, but they don't want me there. They had a bad experience when my brother used to live with them (he is very rebellious.) My mother stopped talking to them because they rejected me (the story of my life.)
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