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Please dont call me ugly anyore

So I am called ugly at least once a week NO LIE!

Here are some really painful recent examples:

1. I am walking to the mall two guys pull up and yell "ewww your ****ing ugly as ****"
2. I am at a bar I pick up purse from under the bar and a guy tells me I am ugly like my purse
3. At a place watching a band and a girl asks me to sit at their table. Her husband tells me to leave because I am too ugly to sit with them
4. a lady at my work made a comment that I am not pretty behind my back
5. my ex best told me i am very weird looking.

Ok so I am starting to cry and cant write anymore. I know I am ugly! Please stop telling me I am ugly it hurts.
I hide in my house and hate to leave. I miss out on everything.
ive tried prayers and wishes but nothing seems to be working.

I wear make up do my hair everyday to try to prevent it but it doesnt help. what can i do ?
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