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had an Interview! From mute to loud!

I went from being mute and even crying in interviews. To appearing loud and confident in them. I survived!

I've had interviews in the past. I'm a University student, and I have been told many times in the past that my CV/Resume is really good.

However, whenever I get to an interview, it goes bad really really bad.

My first interview was so bad, I was so quiet, I doubt the interviewer could even hear me. I think I was so nervous, I started to make him nervous.

Yeah so I didn't get that one.

So for a different job, the interview went a bit better. I actually was a bit louder. But I was still scared, my answers did not make any sense. At all. Yeah, I didn't get that job.

I had an interview where, shock, I was audible. I prepared for this one. I thought it went well. However, I was told that I don't sound convincing. Whatever that means.

Now, this one was the worst. I had an interview, in which I was called up to an assessment centre. I was in a group. Everyone was loud, confident and really competitive. I could tell they wanted this a lot. The assessment lasted for hours, and I was being constantly observed. Whenever I had a group activity, I felt intimidated. So I just started acting silly. By the time I had my individual interview, I got asked one question, then I broke down and cried. How humiliating!

So some time later. I get called for this interview. I prepare by listing good things about myself, and why I know I can do this job. I practice talking loudly at home. Whenever, I go out. I try to talk loudly to shopkeepers, as they are scanning my items. I go out of my way and ask employees for help whenever I'm out shopping.

I walked to the interview, I kept telling myself. Be loud, be loud. I introduced myself at the front desk. I was taken back by my own voice. He heard me. During the interview, I replied without hesitation. I was still loud, I felt comfortable. I really wanted to explain myself.

I still can not believe it. I can finally express myself in interviews. I feel on top of the world. It can be done!
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