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Just wanted to say you are a great writer. I think you should publish this, i.e. and/or Also, if you haven't already, maybe you should talk to your boyfriend about this. If he is really that great, he will be understanding.

I relate to some of this for sure, and I responded on one of your other threads about some of the ways I relate to your experience. I didn't start to realize I had SA until I got all the way through college and graduate school and started working full time. It has hurt my career a lot, and, personally, that's the predominant concern I have with having SA (which is probably the reason it took until trying to get a career going to figure out something was really wrong), even though it definitely has always affected me socially and still does. Being your age, realizing you have it and trying to find out how to get it under control will benefit you in so many ways beyond just what you've described in this thread.
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