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Don't you hate when things seem to be getting better and then something happens....

I was feeling good and then something happens that screws up my world. I mean Im not reacting as badly as before and I feel like I can handle things a little better this time but I do not want to have to deal with the constant worrying and overthinking that comes along with it. A lawsuit is something I never thought would happen at least not so early in my life. Ive dragged my mom in too (not purposely) who cannot afford to be homeless for the 5th time. I am trying to face it head on, but I hope I can keep it up. I need another session because I don't want to end up like I did the last time. I want to face things head on and GET IT OVER WITH! I know this wont last forever. I mean I just got through trying to find housing and now it is almost secure, the struggle won't be forever right? Even so, I end up with more problems coming my way. I feel like I am alone down here and will be even more alone as things move forward. I can't enjoy the good things because I am so focused on the bad even though I am trying to push it to the back of my mind. Will there be a time when I can enjoy life and things that happen for more than a little while. It is scary, it sucks, but I am not a little girl anymore.

I just need to pray and hope things get better. Man it is only month 6 and I am soooooooo ready for this year to be over, haha. I hope I will be able to enjoy the holidays
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