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Originally Posted by LifeBeautifull View Post
I love taking omega 3 it helps a lot. Have you ever tried Hemp Oil though ? The best is if you can get Hemp Oil that already had CBD in it.

The 1) thing to use for social anxiety is to start supplementing with CBD Hemp Oil every day, 2 times a day. You don't get high, but that's good because then its non addictive. You need to take it for two weeks to see results. I think a lot less now, don't feel so down on myself. When I don't take it then I really relaize how much it is helping me.

It is legal in the USA now, because it is hemp oil non psychoactive.

I take the Oil of Sunshine variety. In the USA it can be mailed to you because it is legal. |Don't know about |Europe . Once it came from the company I found it to really help me get off Meds.
We are taking the same supplements! im taking fish oil and hemp protein shake as my occasional meal replacement.

i recently switched my gnc fish oil to salve oleum 3-6-9 and their krill oceanus and i never looked back.

its the first time i felt this "calming benefit" of a fish oil after taking it for a long time.

lucky i discovered this brand because i also found out that they have this hemp protein shake called david's delight.

its quite life changing when you find the right combination of supplements.

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