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I think I understand
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It really depends on your relationships to others. The range from stranger to associate to friend to close friend to close family to close romantic relationship is really a range of how willing others will help you with personal/emotional issues I think.

The trickiest range is between friend and close friend. I have some friends that I have a good time, but very few friends that I feel comfortable laying my personal self and all my hangups and problems out there to them.

A lack of these close personal relationships is really a hardship. It seems like there's a buildup of this personal need, and very few people that are on the low end of personal closeness scale really want to deal with this from others.

I get people ask me if "I'm okay" or I look sad/worried... I usually just say yeah... or I matter of factly explain my problem with low emotion in it. I know others aren't ready to deal with all my personal problems... so I just keep it to myself.

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