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Is it bad to ask for attention when feeling constantly bad?

It has been a long time that I'm not feeling well, crying everyday, I've never been that sad in my life.
I feel that no one cares, it makes me more sad than ever.
I mean.. I seem depressed, sad to my roomates, friends... I can see it in my face, and I can see that others look at me with their 'Whats happening ' eyes, but They've never asked. No one showed up one day to tell me: What's happening to you? Do you need help ?
I just feel like If I were in the place of these people, and someone appeared depressed to me, I will try to help him, maybe I won't understand what's happening to him, but at least I would try?
It's my first year in a new environment, is possible that people think that I'm like 'THAT', depressed and sad? I've never been like this before.

Sometimes I stay with my roomates in the dining room, quiet, and I'm crying inside. I don't want them to see me as the weird person, but the person that is feeling bad.
I can't tell them I feel bad, because it is caused by social anxiety, and the fact I feel no happy emotions... I feel like that these are things they can't understand, since many times I tried to talk about it with my old friends but no one could help, et they just look at me as a hopeless person...
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