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Originally Posted by conquerAnxiety View Post
I saw this video as well. It is depressing. They should make a video of people who fully overcame their social anxiety as a follow up.

Imagine a clip on youtube about someone with severe social anxiety everything like this video you have posted up. Imagine then a few years later because of this person's commitment to getting better they overcame all of the problems from the initial video right now.

Social freedom experiments will scare you and raise your anxiety to elevated levels. If you keep going and keep doing it, you will grow through it and talking to strangers will feel like a normal experience. All off the mood orders and secondary problems associated with social anxiety will disappear.

Check out this video I found, love to hear your thoughts.
Man, what did I just watch? A men's conference! I enjoyed it yes, who can resist someone like Liam - he's so attractive and funny.... I have experienced alot of social freedom when I was taking prozac! Other than that, I've heard and seen social freedom from a guy named Matthew Silver. I really like it, I am like that somewhat... it's a better way to be. Yes, I watched this video bottom to top just now, while plucking my hair, owwwww. But I feel so much better that I have even though it was for men only! Love his stories, omg he's so sexy.

I mean, sure he has some great insights and ideas to hit on girls which I can reverse to hit on guys, like embarrassing yourself!!! But there's a difference between social anxiety and the anxiety of approaching women!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you a few men over there in his groups have social anxiety and damn forcing them to approach women will leave them scarred if not healed. That video ain't social anxiety it's anxiety approaching women!!!!!!!!!!! Really, think before you post your approaching women videos, you know it would have been better to make your own thread and share that video hey!!!!!!!!!!! But yeah I do agree with you that overcoming social anxiety is possible! Overcoming anxiety approaching women is possible as well!!!!!!!!!!!! Liam here shows you how baby.

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