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I've been having a serious internet addiction starting from the age of 13-14. In my case, it always increases when I have to deal with frustration or depression. I would be addicted/attached to a few people I met there during that age. First they treated me well and we were kind of developing very good and profound friendship, but then those few people treated me in the totally opposite way (i'm saying ''people'', but all of them were actually male. So probably I should say ''men'' instead, but that was friendship). The problem was I was totally long-term lonely during that time. Now, after about 8 years the situation repeated again, this time a lot worse.

So I have an advice for people here not to get too attachet to the people on the internet unless you're planning to comunicate with them soon in real life.

For me it's a bigger issue and very complex, having to do not only with the internet. All I can say is that the internet is a cursed invention for people like me. It's worse than most of other addictions because it has a social component in it too.
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