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Yes, I took a job as a cashier at a big chain craft store out west when I really was desperate for a job. Newly divorced. I don't know now how I held onto the money with sweaty palms.

First try to get some help after hours from your new boss. You might explain ahead of your first day at work to them just that you are nervous and would they give you some training before. Usually your employer will have one other employee standing right with you to help you. Most registers now make change for you,(it tells you what to give the customer). Counting back change correctly is not always required these days from what I have seen. If you do learn to count back the exact change, it always impresses people!! I learned to do that and at first it terrified me.

Remember, you will learn and you will get past the anxiety of this thing. Looking back you will laugh at you first few days, weeks. Then you will be called upon to teach someone else.

Deep breathing helps. Smile, tell the customer that you are new at this. Most customers are very understanding I found.

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