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Started with 10 mg not long ago and have to say this med is amazing. I was told by the doctor that it'd take about 4 weeks for the effects to appear. However, I felt a "switch" in my head after about 2-3 hours after taking the pill on an empty stomach. Perhaps 10 mg was too strong of an initial dose, so now I'm taking 5 mg upon awakening and 5 mg after ~6 hours, it really does work. Feeling more motivated to talk to people, more interested in what they have to say (as opposed to worrying about my own awkwardness), it also made me feel happy overall (sometimes I smile for no reason lol). As for the negatives, no sex drive, felt nausea, heightened body temperature, some blurred vision and couldn't sleep well on the first day. Seems to have gotten better, only blurred vision and no sex drive remaining (orgasms are really intense though, is it ok to say?? :P ). Most probably my body isn't reacting in a typical way and it hasn't been that long to make any definitive conclusions. But for those out there reading this forum, it's amazing that there are medications actually capable of increasing your sociability/confidence. So don't lose hope!!
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