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^ Also I still want to film that bombed out church she's in at 1:48 (it's in London,) but when I went last time there were way too many people sitting around.

^ her videos always have a dream like quality

^ I guess that does too lol

This one's in 3D (so you can view it from different angles) but you have to go to YouTube to use that:

I'm not a big fan of this song compared to their older work, it's alright, but the video is cool:

This is probably the best video ever though:

Some people heard my words and thought it meant they knew me
Truth is, I don't exist, I'm just a soundtrack to your movie
Some background figure in a story that's already scripted
And what I feel's just felt for you to hear me ****ing spit it
I jump in many different heads through these words and poems
Always hoping maybe the next leap'll be my leap home

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