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Originally Posted by geraltofrivia View Post
It's true and I understand it. But the abuse is also very true and horrible. I believe this is such a big problem that we should be constantly debating it. This should be one of our most important issues. Like economy and other hot issues that are always debated. But I see no mention of this big problem we are facing. You see people arguing over important things such as economy, global warming, etc. and also over unimportant things such as X, Y, Z. But I've never seen anyone bring up this great problem and discuss it. Even rights organizations/groups.
Well, take some heart that things may be moving in the right direction. I think there are laws or legislation to address bullying in schools. While maybe not criminal laws, there are means to dismiss employees for cause for harassment. Both of those items have basis in purely emotional or psychological acts.

Perhaps it is cases like these that will have to prove themselves out in court in order to establish the right precedents.
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