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I agree with @SofaKing that it would probably be too hard to prove and there would be many frivolous cases.

However, in US civil cases, you can sue for damages due to mental anguish or emotional distress. I've never heard of it being done for mental reasons alone, it's usually part of an injury lawsuit:

" Mental anguish is similar to suing for emotional distress because the plaintiff suffers psychological injury, not physical one. However, it is usually connected to another type of personal injury tort claim other than emotional distress."

Of course it wouldn't get the culprit in jail, but he'd have to pay the person he hurt lots of money.

I just got that from a quick google. So there's a possibility. Also, physical and sexual abuse are illegal, and can be prosecuted for criminal charges to put someone in jail. I don't know if emotional abuse could be prosecuted or is illegal. Again, it would be difficult to prove.

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