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Originally Posted by SofaKing View Post
All I can guess is that if there aren't any laws, it's because the burden of proof would be too difficult to meet. Consider how subjective the case of purely psychological abuse might be? What kind of evidence would have to be presented? How would you get juries to a verdict beyond a reasonable doubt?

Also consider how easy it would be to bring frivolous claims just to punish someone. Even if they aren't convicted, it'd be very easy to make unverifiable claims just to lash out at someone and take up their time and emotional energy.
It's true and I understand it. But the abuse is also very true and horrible. I believe this is such a big problem that we should be constantly debating it. This should be one of our most important issues. Like economy and other hot issues that are always debated. But I see no mention of this big problem we are facing. You see people arguing over important things such as economy, global warming, etc. and also over unimportant things such as X, Y, Z. But I've never seen anyone bring up this great problem and discuss it. Even rights organizations/groups.

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