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Interesting question. I don't have any knowledge in this area. Clearly, physical abuse comes with evidence and it's then only key to tie the defendant to that abuse.

All I can guess is that if there aren't any laws, it's because the burden of proof would be too difficult to meet. Consider how subjective the case of purely psychological abuse might be? What kind of evidence would have to be presented? How would you get juries to a verdict beyond a reasonable doubt?

Also consider how easy it would be to bring frivolous claims just to punish someone. Even if they aren't convicted, it'd be very easy to make unverifiable claims just to lash out at someone and take up their time and emotional energy.

All this being said, it is unfortunate that there may not be a means of adequately addressing cases where purely emotional and psychological abuse is at issue. But, like I said, I know little of this so for all I know there are ways of doing this.
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