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Are there any countries that have laws regarding psychological damage?

**Read the TL;DR if you don't like to read the whole post**

If someone gets physically harmed by another person, there are laws that protect him and bring the offender to justice. They aren't perfect but they are more or less the best we can do given the limitations we have as humans.
But what if someone psychologically harms another person? Psychological harm is even more serious than physical harm in many cases. Because it is very difficult to heal.

It has always greatly bothered me that there doesn't seem to be any laws regarding psychological harm. People make other people's lives a living hell and get away with it. With absolutely no consequences. It is unbelievable when you consider the harm that is done. If someone inflicts permanent physical damage to another person they are going to be in serious trouble. Specially if it is intentional. But people do things to others, which are not physical but permanently scars them emotionally. It might(and in a lot of cases does) change the course of their lives. It is a very serious and real crime. All of us know how people can be destroyed with psychological abuse.

But how come there aren't any strong laws regarding psychological damage? Are there countries that have such laws? Are there countries that are progressing towards developing such laws? I understand that it is a challenge. A difficult challenge because you cannot see the psychological damage. You cannot prove it like you can with physical damage. But I am not seeing any endeavor towards developing laws that protect people from psychological harm caused by others. I don't hear any mention of it. Nothing. It's as if no one is worried about it.

If you have any information regarding this matter please share, I'm very interested to hear what you know/think about this matter.

TL;DR: There are a lot of laws that protect us from others when they physically harm us. How come there aren't any laws that protect us from psychological harm? It is very real because it's happening all around us. It is very serious because it can greatly impact someone's life and in many cases it takes much longer than physical harm to heal. Do you know any countries that have such laws? Why does it seem that no one is really concerned about psychological damage? I know it's hard to come up with evidence for psychological damage but why aren't lawmakers looking for ways to improve the situation?

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