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Originally Posted by NotShyButSociallyAnxious View Post
Hey everybody. I've been an avid reader of these forums but never felt the need to post until now. However I've been very impressed with the knowledge most of these members have and need some advise.

Some brief background I've suffered from social anxiety and depression since college. My senior year I only left my room to go to class from fear of having to make small talk with my roommates. I'd skip meals because I knew they were downstairs and couldn't near the idea of having to interact with them. I began taking lexapro which helped a little bit but was drinking heavily in order to socialize. I ended up also self medicating with methadone. This combo worked moderately but I still had bouts of anxiety and especially depression.

I ended up going to rehab for the booze and methadone and have been clean for 5 months. However my anxiety has returned 10 fold. I can barely function at work and have this weird warming sensation in my head and these crazy gagging spells throughout the day.

My psych initially prescribed me zoloft which made me so anxious and depressed I could only tolerate it for 2 weeks. He then tried prozac and symbiax which didn't do much either. He then tried effexor and gave me klonopin and of course only the Klonopin helped. I gave the effexor 6 weeks with no positive change so we did that GeneSite test and he took me off the Effexor and put me on Seroquel. Seroquel wasn't doing much for the anxiety which ended up getting just as bad when my doc wanted me weaning off the klonopin.

So now based off this GeneSite test he's got me on Luvox and won't refill my Klonopin which I've got about 20 left. Long story short should I even try with the Luvox? I'm on day 2 of 50 mg and already feeling nausea and somnolence. I've had about 10 gagging spells today. I do not have OCD, just pretty intense social and general anxiety/depression. I did find a doctor that would prescribe nardil or parnate but she doesn't take insurance and runs $375 a visit! Just wanted to see what yall thought. Thanks for the time!

Hey !

Luvox is an SSRI. You should find some reviews on this website using the search tool. I am not very familiar with it but it seems not to be different from any other SSRIs... Which means it seams a little weird to try it after having failed with two others (zoloft and prozac) and one SNRI (effexor).

That being said, you can't really say yet that you are a non responder to SSRIs, because you have only tried zoloft for two weeks, which is not enough to assess its efficiency. How long did you take prozac ?

You have too keep in mind that the first few weeks on most AD are usually crap. So unless it's really unbearable, try to "toughen up", have some benzo to help with anxiety and be patient.

Try to give a real chance to luvox, like a few weeks. Nausea and dizziness are quite frequent and tend to subside pretty quickly. Since prozac and zoloft are quite activating compared to luvox, maybe you will have a better response to it. If it fails then you and your doc will probably consider alternatives to SSRIs/SNRIs.

Then you have things like wellbutrin, tricylics, MAOIs... Which one is the best suited ? We can only guess. What is your main problem ? Depression or SA ? Are you lethargic or too activated ? Do have trouble sleeping ? Do your depression had an impact on your appetite/libido ? Importantly, For how long have you felt bad ? Is it a life long problem ?

MAOIs indeed seem to be among the most effective treatment for SA but since you complain that you feel crap on SSRIs, be aware of the fact that MAOIs have a worse side effects profile and that some people can't tolerate them. It's usually not an easy ride at first.
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