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Originally Posted by naes View Post
Why did you go off of them? And what made it take 6 years?
They never really did anything for me. I thought they might have been marginally helping though, and trusted the doctors (I was young) and feared my OCD getting worse if I came off them. So I stayed on them for a good few years. Every so often I would try to come off them and 3-4 months later my OCD would get way worse, which I was told by the doctors was my illness relapsing due to me not taking the meds, so I started up again.

When I was age 32-33ish I had enough of the side effects (immense weight gain, no libido, apathy etc) and was convinced they weren't helping so I just stuck it out, and sure enough after 6-7 months of fairly hellish "discontinuation syndrome" I started slowly feeling better, and a year or so later I was almost normal. My OCD slowly got better and better over the next 5 years, despite multiple attempts by doctors to put me back on SSRI's.

Not the biggest fan of doctors or SSRI's.
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