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I've been on so many medications and most were not worth the side effects. A couple of them helped me a little bit socially, or at least provided some kind of active placebo effect, but none of them have adequately relieved the social anxiety and chronic anhedonic depression.

I remember being put on SSRIs as a young teenager (bad idea but nobody knew back then) and that could have ended very badly indeed.

I was given Ativan a few years back and told to take it 3 times daily for general anxiety but I didn't want to get addicted so I didn't use regularly as prescribed. I now use it rarely for emergencies.

At the moment I am quite liking Wellbutrin for a bit of an energy boost. Lyrica for general anxiety. The combination of these two does seem to make me care a bit less about what people think, although I still ruminate over social interactions.

Yeah so to summarise I would say I have been partially responsive to some medications but with many bad experiences too.
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