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Yes and no. I've always been very cautious when it comes to medications in general, but I've tried a fair number of them ranging from antidepressants and beta blockers to benzodiazepenes.

I was on Celexa for a few years, but I only noticed a very subtle change/improvement at best. Beta blockers do work surprisingly well as far as minimizing and reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety, particularly palpitations and nausea. I do take Klonopin from time-to-time and it's by far the most effective medication I have ever been prescribed for social anxiety. I'm aware of the risks of dependency as well as withdrawal side effects, though. Despite that, I've actually gone long periods of time without taking the Klonopin and experienced virtually no side effects. But this varies from person-to-person, I guess.

Overall, I have had moderate success with medications.
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