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Tried most of SSRIs and the rest..

Zoloft, made me feel "like being in a bubble". It was abit weird, because as you said, the dopamine effect should help againt the "emtional flattning"...

But na... However, i also have like a phobia of spiders, and while being downstair, napping on the sofa, one arm hanging down, i woke up, having a spider cravling on my arm...

I didn't smash it/kill it, i just picked it up and lett it out on the back...

So it does mess with ones mind.. Helping for panicattacks/disorder or such. ehh for some...

On Lexapro i didn't feel much, i did get a mood boost every 5mg increase, that lasted for 3days, but then when i reach max dose.... Wasn't much of a help...

You can still augment the Zoloft with other kinds of meds, for effects...

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