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Been on lyrica / pregabalin for 6 weeks, started at 150mg daily and increased to 400mg. It has reduced my general levels of anxiety a bit but the negative effects are more apparent at the higher doses.

Increased motivation with a slightly pro social effect.

Mildly helpful with anxiety (GAD) as it seems to help me think a bit more rationally rather than worrying non stop. Seemed to just be able to push worries to the back of my mind, or be so spaced out I couldn't care less.

Helps for physical pain, so it could be useful for those with a triad of chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

Slight euphoric effect and sense of wellbeing in the first few days only.

Music and colours seem more vivid.

Suicidal thoughts

Fluid retention and increase appetite = serious potential for weight gain - a big concern.

Does not work instantly to halt panic attacks like a benzo.

Worse co-ordination and increased clumsiness.

Feeling cognitively slowed down and spaced out to the point of feeling quite dumb at times. Also had jaw clenching as well as a tight feeling across my face in the first week or so. It feels vaguely like a combination of being drunk and stoned... but it is a really dirty kind of feeling not really pleasant. Watch out for the 'munchies' an hour after taking it.

I also get the feeling this is one of those medications where it will be necessary to keep increasing the dose every few weeks to get the same effect only with increased side-effects.

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