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Bronto you are lucky getting prescribed Parnate. Do you feel that your mood goes back to "normal" in between hypomanias and depressions?

I am bipolar 2 and I am taking 900 mg of lithium, 150 mg of Lamictal, 150 mg of Wellview trend, and right now I am on 30 mg of Parnate. I just reached this dose recently and I think some of thebenefits are still kicking in but I feel so much better.

I feel like bipolar 2 patients do not receive the right care. First there is an unwarranted fear of antidepressants making the situation worse. Although this is arguably true for bipolar one, I haven't seen any evidence of all that is true for bipolar 2. Many studies and literature blithely describe "bipolar" without differentiating 1 and 2.

The second problem I have seem is a myth that Bipolar depression does not respond to "antidepressants." I have seen a few studies that reach this conclusion and they all do not test whether "antidepressants" work, only whether SSRIs work. And of course the SSRIs do jack ****.

The recent trend is to put everyone on antipsychotics. The new generation of antipsychotics does not cause any dramatic problems, but there is a very significant risk of metabolic issues that lead to diabetes. This is like 20% of the people to take them. I think antipsychotics are over prescribed and the risks are underestimated.

This is why I say you are so lucky. I had to do my own research in order to get prescribed Parnate - and I am lucky enough that he is willing to work with me.

Feast your eyes on this metaanalysis:
73% response rate is no joke. The average of the other therapies was like 27%. The Parnate group had 1/3 the switch rate into mania of the placebo group.

Of course I can't guarantee whether party is going to work for you individually, I would just suggest you consider the benefits, and if side effects bother you then be patient because they often go away in time.

If you have anymore questions I can probably answer some of them. It is clear from your post whether you have any specific issues you want to discuss. I just had to rant a little bit about the poor treatment quality that bipolars often receive.
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