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Kava is a weird one. I've been drinking traditional "grog" (dried root squeezed through strainer bag) on and off since 2014-ish. But I've also tried the extracts, etc. It most definitely works, but the downsides far outweigh the pluses in my experience - at least for the traditional way of ingesting it.

Kava is good for overnight anxiety. If you're in bed dreading the next day it can help and also give you amazing sleep. The major downsides are an upset stomach and nausea. The stuff tastes absolutely horrible and the texture feels awful going down. It's honestly disgusting. Like I said, it works, but I'd find it almost impossible to do social stuff while on it because of the stomach issues. It's also very sedating. People talk about heady vs. body strains, but all of them are sedating to some degree in my experience.

There's also the issue of tudei kava, which from my understanding has potential to be bad for your liver, in contrast to noble which apparently is fine. There's even an acetone test people use to test whether their root is tudei, or is adulterated with tudei. See;

Above ground parts are also bad, so that's another thing to look for and worry about. Alcohol based extracts are yet another issue of concern. Apparently alcohol based solvents can extract chemicals from the root that a water based extraction method wouldn't produce. So I would do research to see what you're getting. I personally wouldn't trust any of the pill forms, but that's just me. There are some good (or were) co2 based extracts from Paradise Kava, but they recently shut down. Gourmet Hawaiian Kava recently made a batch, but decided he didn't want to go down that route and stick to the traditional way of preparation. I did hear that Bula Kava House might be making some, so I'm waiting to check those out. Kalm with Kava has some "drinks" that do away with the taste, but aren't strong enough for me. They also have a concentrate which is stronger. I actually have some coming in the mail. It's been over a year since I've tried it, so I'm anxious to test it on my SA.

But yeah, there's also the issue of dry skin from prolonged use. It sucks. Co2 based extracts are probably the best way to treat SA with kava. Traditional prep helps, but is too sedating and causes too many stomach problems (and tastes horrible lol).
Oh, and kava in general tends to be pretty expensive, or at least it is for me. So long term it may not be all that viable as a way of treating SA. Definitely worth looking into though, if you haven't tried it. Just do your research. Kavaforums has tons of good info on the root.
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