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Physical therapy is a gimmick

when it comes to treating chronic conditions on its own (without the help of surgery), now they got physical therapy for everything, even things you would never thought about and they try to impress people with it by showing off the technology they use and techniques they use for what they are treating, it's like you have to do many FREAKING exercises for weeks and months and the results are not satisfying, so you wasted your time and energy and money for a gimmick while surgery is what should have been done in the first place, the physical therapy only helps after the surgery, it can't completely do it on its own if its a chronic condition, I know because I tried it for many things just because I can, since I have insurance and make sure I use it before I lose it, some professional who specializes in what I went for was opening his mouth, talking about how physical therapy is the way to do it and not surgery and that I don't qualify for surgery because I don't meet the requirements, I asked the fool how much it will improve if I do the physical therapy like he tells me, the idiot said..... I still can't believe it.... the idiot had the nerve to say 25%, what the hell am I going to do with 25%? I felt like kneeing him in the face for making me spend all of that time talking to him if he is only able to deliver 25%, that's like taking a car and getting it repaired and you are paying 100% of what you are being charged and they come back and say it will only be 25% repaired, this idiot couldn't even print the homework he gave me like other physical therapy places do, and they didn't even have the proper safety equipment, what the hell am I going to do with 25%? that's like you giving me a dollar and I give you only 1 quarter back, I should get slapped across my face for that and you should stomp on my face and then spit on it for disrespecting you, for not giving you what you gave me, all this clown did was increase my blood pressure, I been pissed off about it for a day so far

it's like they try to avoid surgery no matter what, physical therapy isn't the answer, surgery is, plus physical therapy is exhausting and a waste of my time
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