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Thanks for the links splendidbob.

I have tried just about ALL the antidepressants over a 20 year period and to be honest I haven't found them any help with anxiety. I have never tried an MAOI though.

I saw my psychiatrist last week and there is no way they will consider Adderall or Ritalin (no surprise) He asked if he though I had ever had ADHD and I said no - I can't lie! I just showed him articles where it had worked for people with SA but he wasn't having it.

I am lucky that I have a good relationship with my GP who will prescribe Benzos when I need them.

I wish there was something that worked like alcohol (without all the negatives) I gave up drinking a couple of years ago, so that is not longer an option.

I don't feel psychiatrists/mental health workers realise how debilitating this is.

Thank you all for your input and reading
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