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Well I've been on numerous different SSRIs, beta blockers, etc.

All of them were more or less ineffective for SA and came with weird side effects. Celexa seemed to kill my Social Anxiety, at the price of my individuality. I was somewhat a zombie, I used it for a few months at age 16 and made some terrible choices while on it. Made me extremely depressed, apathetic (moreso than I was), all in all very terrible. I said: I'll take back my SA instead and quit it after maybe 3 months (don't even remember). Beta-blockers would maybe help temporarily, but felt even more prone to anxiety when off of them. I don't know if it's okay to say this or not, but the only thing that has made a noticeable improvement in my social anxiety without having any bad side effects has been hallucinogenic drugs such, in particular LSD. It also cured my depression, 100 percent, after multiple uses. Psilocybin also very helpful, MDMA made me more trusting of people but didn't bring as much long term benefit as I thought. Don't get trapped in by the nefarious drug companies trying to get you to take their slave pills, try to think outside the box and it might help you.
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