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Mr. Wavey
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Just got prescribed prestiq. The first time I went to see a psych. I've been avoiding it for a long time because I don't want to be dependent on meds but my anxiety has been real bad recently.

Not too thrilled about side effects. I asked my dr about alcohol surprisingly he didn't say to me not to drink. He just said that alcohol symptoms are increased so to be careful. Make sure to eat and be wary of driving.

I also am not too happy to learn it kills motivation and can increase nervousness to some extent. I mean I'm taking this medication to negate the impact of anxiety - why would I WANT something that makes me feel nervous? Also a lack of motivation is what I DON'T need because my anxiety increases when I'm not getting work completed on time.

He's starting me off on 25 mg for a week - which I hear is excrutiaingly low dose. The. I'll be on 50 mg for about a month.

I'll be reporting back but I'm not so happy about doing this
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