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I was on Paxil for nearly two years. It did help me a lot. I came out of my "shell" according to those closest to me. I don't think it cured me, I definitely still had some moments but I was able to actually have conversations with people because I wasn't thinking too much about how I looked, how I was talking, what I was going to say next, if they thought I was stupid, etc. I didn't dwell on things for days and wonder how I could have done it differently. I was able to actually focus on something other than myself. I only stopped because I didn't want to have to take medication everyday, I felt like it made me less of a person somehow. I also wanted to feel like I could do it on my own... which I'm finding that I can't. I'm thinking about going back on it, maybe a lower dosage though. Getting off it was hell, but not being on it is also not fun.

All that being said, everyone is different. I do hope you find what works for you, whether it is medication or therapy or something else.
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